which business types Does New G Solution suitable for?

New G Solution as an inventory management system suits many types of business :

  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Distribution
  • ECommerce Business
  • International Business
How easy is to switch from using spreadsheets to an online inventory management system? ( to be reviewed)

It depends on how much the company has clean data on their spreadsheets or even on their old systems.

Our system servers you a collection of different importers for ( Products , Customers , Suppliers … etc ).


How does stock allocation work in New G Solution ? ( to be reviewed)

Basically stock allocates in New G Solution system through many ways :

When a purchase order is confirmed the system will raise the available quantity of this product and then the owned quantity raises as the bill is fulfilled
In case of sales the available decreases when a sale order is created and the owned quantity decreases when the order is fulfilled.

Actually there are many transactions’ types that affects the stock levels :

  • Stock adjustment
  • Sales return
  • Customer RMA
  • Supplier RMA
Does New G Solution handle returns?

For sure our system supports all return operation from the simple sales return as an easy transaction that return the items again into storages from the customer till the RMA operation which manages the return in a more professional way until the items return back to the suppliers.

Does New G Solution allow me to assign different currencies, price lists, discounts, price levels and payment terms
  • USD is the only currency and and the reference currency in the system , all your transactions will be with USD.
  • New G Solution give the users the ability to define their pricing levels for each products and each customers in order to make offers and discounts . for more learning : Pricing Levels
  • Payments Terms :XXX
Can I connect New G Solution to my eCommerce platforms

New G Solution offers a wide collection of eCommerce platforms integrations , so can easily connect the system with your eCommerce shops.

Can I connect New G Solution to my accounting software?

New G Solution serves its user a full integration with Quickbooks in order to show all of financial effects of all transactions that happened in our system so no needs to try to integrate with others accounting systems

Do I Have to Pay up Front for New G Solution ? Are There Any Annual Fees

It depends on the plan you’ve selected , New G Solution offers many plans of features and servers its customers the option to pay monthly or even annually.

For more details visit our plans page : New G Solution’s Plans

Can I transfer inventory from warehouse to warehouse and also to different locations within each warehouse using New G Solution?

New G Solution servers its users with an easy operation , Products Transfer helps you to transfer quantities from one storage to another one , learn more via our user guide Products Transfer

Do You Have Any Charts Showing The Sales , Purchasing , Or Production Flow Within Order Time

For sure our system supports friendly charts for each kind of reports , you will find in each report two tabs where you can find details as numbers and data and as charts .

With a Fashion & Clothing Company, We Have Plenty Of Variations Of The Same Product , How Can New G Solution Help?

Our System supports the variations concepts to our products definition , first of all you have to determine what are your product’s options ( Color, Size …etc) then set the values for each option ( Color : red ,green , ..etc ) ( Size : small , Xsmall ..etc ) , then the system will generate  variants depending on your settings .

To read in details visit our user guide : Products 

Can I run New G Solution without integrating with QuickBooks

yes you can do it without any bad effects on the performance of the system.

What types of costing methods does New G Solution handle?

New G Solution support all types of costing methods

  1. FIFO
  2. LIFO
  3. MAC ( Moving Average Cost)
  4. Specific Identification.

However be sure that when you choose one of them to use in  the system you will not be able to change it anyway.

How do I track stock through the system

You can track the stock in our system by checking the following reports :

For more details read more from our user guide.

Which operating systems and browsers work best with New G Solution?

Our system is a portable system , our operations and interfaces are working correctly on all over different operating system , browsers …etc .

How do bills work?

Actually the bill starts its tour in New G Solution from the purchase order which can be considered as the first step of purchases lifecycle , when you confirm quantities and prices with the provider you will confirm the purchase order and convert it to a real bill where the items should be prepared to insert into your storages and the payments should be organized with the vendor.

Can I pay a bill partially?

For sure our system gives you the ability to pay full payment or partial payment or even scheduled payment.
For details learn from our user guide :  Bills

Why can’t I auto generate bill numbers in New G Solution?

In business world generally each provider has his own numbers for his invoices and bills , so it is so import while you are dealing with a provider to keep the number of your bills as he generates them not you in order to recognize each bill between each other , so that New G Solution never generates a number for a bill because you should insert it manually.

How do I convert purchase receives to bills?

This is realy easy to convert your purchase order to a bill , just click on “View” besides

the order then “Confirm” and it will be a bill directly.

How do I record my bill payments?

When the purchase order converted into a bill , you can confirm the bill and start to manage payments and scheduled payments , for more details review the user guide : Bills (Confirm Purchase Bill)

How do I manage vendor credits?

( To Be Reviewed)

You can deal with vendor’s credits by using credit memos and debit memos where you have the ability to add amounts in order to affect vendor’s balance and statement.
For more navigate to our user guide : Credit Memo , Debit Memo

when can I edit the invoice?

You can edit the invoice many times as the status is still draft , if you confirmed it you will not be able to edit it any more.

How can I record payments made by my customers?

New G Solution gives you the ability of managing customers payments : if the payments are related to a sale order you can add them directly on it or even schedule them , otherwise you can add a debit or credit memo for your customers in order to manage customers’ balances.

Can I receive partial payments for an invoice?

You can manage your payments on a bill partially or as a full payment or even scheduled payments in order to be paid later

How do purchase orders work?

Purchases start its tour in New G Solution from the purchase order which can be considered as the first step of purchases lifecycle , when you confirm quantities and prices with the provider you will confirm the purchase order and convert it to a real bill where the items should be prepared to insert into your storages and the payments should be organized with the vendor.

What are the different types of reports generated by New G Solution?

For each module and process in New G Solution the system serves many reports that reflect all details in this process

  • Sales Reports
  • Purchases Reports
  • Warehouse Reports
  • Profit Reports
  • Other Incomes & Expenses Reports
  • Ecommerce Reports
How can I get my inventory details?

New G Solution provides its users with a collection of inventory reports that help in tracking all products details

Here are links of user guide where you can learn all about inventory reports:

Can I track my purchases by vendor?

By Purchases Report and using the filters you can track each vendor in detailed , all his transactions by quantities and amounts. To learn more go to our user guide Purchases Report

How do I keep myself informed of my bill payments so far?

By New G Solution you will be able to track your payments with a client or even with a vendor by using the Statement Report , but you can’t know the payments related to specific bill.

Can I keep track of the money that my customers owe me?

New G Solution gives many reports that show your customers balances
(as credit , as debit).
to get more details navigate to Customers , Customers Balances Report in our user guide.

How can I find out who my top customers are?

You can find your top customer by the report : Profit per Customer.The report displays the totals of Sales , Costs , Profits

How do sales orders work?

A sale order in New G Solution passes in many stages until it is closed , it starts as quotation then it is converted to a real sale order then the stage of packing and shipping starts . to learn about that in details read this article in our user guide : https://newgsolution.com/userguide/documentation/sales/simple-tips-to-create-a-sale-order/

How can I add a sales person to my sales orders?

Your salespeople are your employees , the user how own the customer of the order the system record him as the sales person of this order and he will take the commission on it.

Can I re-use a sales order number that has been deleted?

If the order became deleted there is no way to use it’s number again , each order has a sequential number which is generated automatically by the system and can’t be changed any more.

How do I partially cancel a Sales Order?

You can cancel a sale order while it is in ‘New Order‘ status , click on ‘Delete‘ button then you will be redirected to a new page  check ‘Confirm Cancellation‘ checkbox then click on ‘Submit‘ button.

How do I show the Tax Summary Table on my sales orders?

You can review the report (Sales Tax Report) .To learn more about this report go to our user guide : https://newgsolution.com/userguide/documentation/reports/sales-reports/sales-tax-report/

What is Return Material Authorization (RMA) in supply chain?

RMA is a process that gives the user the ability to manage the return process which items are approved , which are rejected and which are refunded.
The process starts when the customer returns the item then returning the items to provider from our side considering each case and stage.

When do I need to use a credit memo?

We usually use a credit memo with a return order in case of receiving a payment  from a customer on a sale order then the customer decide to return the items.

I received payment for an order, but haven’t yet shipped the consignments. Now my customer wants to cancel a few items from it. How can I do that?

Simply you can edit the sale order and removed the mentioned items , as the order is not shipped yet.

The items are not shipped but the payment has been accepted. Is it essential to create a sales return if my customer cancels the entire order before shipping?

If the sale order is cancelled before shipping , you need to cancel it only  , as there is no items left the storages there is no need for returns order.

A customer has requested a refund for receiving an expired product. How do I handle this in New G Solution?

Goods return in our system is a very simple operation you can add a sale return order to handle the returns from your customers ,  money refunds related to return transaction are usually applied by using customer’s credit memo and customer’s debit memo , For more details give a look to our user guide
Credit Memo  , Debit Memo  , Return Orders

Can I track the serial/batch numbers of items in the returns?

The system applies to deal with serials or UPC numbers in all transactions including : Sales ,Sales Return …etc

Batch numbers are not supported by this version of  New G Solution  , it will be in next versions.