New G Solution is an inventory management and ERP software designed by

industry insiders specifically to meet all your e-commerce B2B wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors’ requirements.


  • Centralized management of order and product quantities across your sales channels, utilizing storage facilities.

  • Serialized product tracker, UPC (barcode), and RMA processing.

  • Bundling products using SKU and Master SKU.

  • Streamlined supply chain management, inventory control, and order processing within a single platform.

  • Efficient management of storage and location, both physical and virtual.

  • Inventory forecasting.

  • Manufacturing & Bill of materials (assemble disassemble).

  • Effective handling of shipping logistics.

  • Comprehensive management of sales representatives’ commissions.

  • Accurate per-order profit calculation.

New G Solution is tailored to address the unique needs of e-commerce B2B wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors, providing a wide range of features and functionalities to optimize your operations.

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Start your order management system with few clicks

Accounts & Permissions:

Get a version according to your plan, import users via CSV file then assign permissions.

Setup Connections:

Use our simple settings to connect your accounts on marketplaces, platforms and many others with your WMS.

Integrations Settings:

Adjust connections options with powerful design to ensure a successful data synchronization.

Data Migration:

Sync your referential data from old accounts via the integrations or by using system importers

Serials & UPC (barcode) & SKU & Master SKU (bundles)


No worry again with our effective control for serials numbers from PRODUCT LISTING passing through purchases till sales and even return and RMAs to keep an eye on your valuable goods day by day via accurate serials tracking reports.

UPC (barcode):

New G Solution simplifies your purchases and sales by supporting barcodes and using barcode scanners.

SKU & Master SKU:

With us you will get latest techniques that control your stock levels;
By our WMS organize your listing with SKU and Master SKU numbers by few simple tips.

Assemble – Disassemble

Bill of material (BOM)

Method of Valuing Inventory (Cost Methods)

Leave the hassle of costs and profits calculation mistakes, with New G solution you will have accurate knowledge about the inventory value at any time.
Have a control to choose the cost method for each product in order to hit the most accurate profits.


Lead your return processes with our efficient and expert system, With New G solution will have the ability to manage

Approved items

Rejected items
Refunded items
Among Customers RMAs orders and even Suppliers ones.


Lead your business with our powerful eCommerce Inventory Management Software through:


  • Sales order management with tax and commissions calculations

  • Purchases management with accurate average cost

  • Listing Products with categories and variants.

  • Payments processing and payments methods

  • Reporting Services

Powerful eCommerce Inventory Management Software, full of options that are convenient for:




Ecommerce business

International business

Mobile Screen Compatibility

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adaptive and friendly web pages’ designs

Have wide range of various integrations with eCommerce Solutions

that scale up your business with low costs and efforts

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