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Prospect is the number one Stock-Aware CRM company. It is designed to be the perfect and intelligent choice for growing wholesale, B2B, distributor and manufacturing businesses, and superior customer services.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with Prospect:

B2B eCommerce

Face the operational challenges that B2B sales involve and let your customers be fully stock aware with our integration with Prospect CRM. We offer you customer service management as well as managing ordering, inventory, product information, and more.

Maximize customer retention

Gain a clear picture about each customer and stay on top of what matters to them. Prospect’s integration aims to increase wholesale profits and build more profitable relationships by caring about retaining customers through its “AI Growth Engine”, which can predict the customers’ actions and alert your sales or account management team to contact the customer.

Increase order value & frequency

By connecting New G Solution to Prospect CRM, your sales or account management team receives key insights to increase average order value and frequency for your customers through the use of reports about their data and activities.

Create a happy customer base

Get more sales and accelerate your business growth with Prospect CRM’s integration, which is dedicated to expanding your customer base, reach endless new customers, and generate happy and loyal customers.

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