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ShipStation was created in 2011 and is a leading online shipping software that helps e-commerce stores import and manage their orders and is considered one of the most valuable tools in the market as it integrates with many popular e-commerce platforms.


ShipStation integration with New G Solution

Thanks to our integration with ShipStation, will be on hand to help you have full control over your order’s shipment and give you seamless shipping operations and easy tracking.

Benefits of New G Solution’s with ShipStation:

Rates information

We will keep you in the know and make your shipping process easy by providing you with all the information about it including the shipping process cost, estimated time, fees, and any other details.

Rates comparison

Get the discounted carrier rates, check prices and compare rates, and easily determine the best choice for your order shipping.

Shipping labels generating

Save time and money by leaving the rest for our system to take over the task of creating and printing shipping labels and preparing your order to be fulfilled seamlessly.

Lots of integrations

We are the perfect solution to integrate with multiple companies to increase your business and save a lot of time, money, and logistical nightmares.

Shipping and tracking

New G Solution will allow you to have a great shipping experience, track your packages, make sure your orders are easily fulfilled, and enhance the customer experience.

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ShipStation Integration

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