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WALMART Inventory Management Integration

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As Walmart is becoming one of the increasingly important global marketplaces for retailers, you need New G Solution’s integration with Walmart to make managing orders and inventory simple.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with Walmart:

Order management

Manage your orders through New G Solution’s interface as soon as they come in from Walmart. Use New G Solutions’ ability to synchronize order details and automate the entire process of fulfillment.

Multi-channel management

Sell wherever you want due to New G Solution’s integration with Walmart which offers you auto-updates for your Walmart listings’ quantities and lets you control your stock across all your sales channels.

Maintain accurate stock level

New G Solution’s integration with Walmart will keep an accurate eye on your stock levels and instantly synchronize the inventory quantities to ensure you never run out of stock.

Customer experience

Fulfill your customers’ orders faster with fewer errors, notify them with tracking and shipping details, and generate more happy and loyal customers who keep coming back to you.

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Integrating with Walmart

A few pieces of information are required to integrate between Walmart and New G Solution. So, for an easy and seamless integration process, please refer to our user guide here:

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