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NORTHSTAR Inventory Management Integration

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NorthStar Automation is a cloud-based Warehouse Management System rich in WMS features to automate and streamline the warehouse management process as well as 3PL fulfillment services.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with NorthStar:

Warehouse Management

New G Solution offers you seamless integration with NorthStar to ensure full control of your inventory levels, and order management including receiving, fulfilling, and shipping.

Multi-channel support

Pull your orders easily from all your various sales channels and enjoy a centralized experience for your orders and stock with seamless multi-channel operations.

Automate fulfillment

You’ll never have to worry about your orders being overlooked, New G Solution’s integration offers you an automated fulfillment process with a detailed shipment confirmation.

Reports & Updates

Growing your business is a big part of success. New G Solution puts at your fingertips powerful reporting with status updates to scale your business so you never run behind.

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Activating the NorthStar integration

A few minutes of your time is all it takes to add the NorthStar integration to New G Solution system. Please follow the steps explained in the user guide here:

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