SHOPIFY Inventory Management Integration

New G Solution offers its users an easy and efficient way to operate their own Shopify stores and manage their inventory on the Shopify e-commerce platform by connecting all of Shopify’s stores to a single account for an advanced inventory management system.


Benefits of New G Solution integration with Shopify


All of your products, orders, and customers will be imported from your Shopify stores into one location, making your business fully automated.

In a few simple steps, integrate your store into our system and you will access a set of useful features, among which are:

Stock Levels Synchronization

Enjoy a central quantity synchronization control for your inventory. New G Solution will keep your stock levels auto-updated on your Shopify stores and hide out-of-stock products to prevent attempts to purchase while they are out of stock.

Products Synchronization

New G Solution will automatically sync all your product with their descriptions, categories, variations, prices, and any other details with your Shopify eCommerce stores in a seamless and powerful way.

Order Management:

All of your orders from your Shopify stores are imported to our system to track and manage their process. New G Solution automates your orders workflow with powerful order processing functionality.

Orders fulfillment

Keep your customers happy by tracking their order’s fulfillment status. Once the orders are sent to the system, New G Solution will track the process of shipping and fulfillment, updating automatically any change made to the order status to your Shopify platform.

Customers lists

Be fully aware of all your customers’ information. New G Solution inventory management software captures your client data, updates your customers list, tracks customer details, and makes it easy for your customers to buy more from you.

Multi-warehouses support

Control your inventory in multiple warehouses and keep your stock accurate, synced, and easily tracked.

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How to Integrate Shopify and New G Solution?

For more information about our integration process and how-to, please check the link below:

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