BIGCOMMERCE Inventory Management Integration

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Expand your BigCommerce store through New G Solution’s integration system. Our system goes a long way towards inventory management and order control. Scale your business with ease using our powerful software.


Benefits of New G Solution integration with BigCommerce:

Synchronize Inventory

Get clear visibility of your inventory and keep track of your stock levels through our centralized management system. New G Solution will automatically update the quantities on your BigCommerce store.

Product bundling

New G Solution allows you to make new product listings or bundles, keep track of your listing (and variations of items) through a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) option, and identify the best performing products.

Order tracking and fulfillment

Be aware of every order’s status change. New G Solution will make the process of shipping orders fast and easy by retrieving new orders from BigCommerce, tracking your shipments, and delivering the details to BigCommerce to ensure tracking all the way to the customer’s hand.

Multi-Channel support

Scale your business, control your inventory across all your sales channels, and identify which channel is the most profitable, all within the same inventory management program.

Order management

New G Solution’s integration with BigCommerce will make order processing easy and quick, and ensure seamless, automated order management.

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Great! So are we. We are happy to have you on board with New G Solution, but to get the best out of our system, we kindly ask you to follow our user guide here:

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