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QUICKBOOKS Inventory Management Integration

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Stay on top of your financial data and manage your accounts tree directly. New G Solution will automate accounting and control balances through a powerful and dynamic QuickBooks integration.


Features of New G Solution integration with QuickBooks:

Assets tree organization

Enter all the data related to your business assets to build the financial backbone, and let the system handle the task of migrating the data to QuickBooks to organize the accounts tree for your business.

Advanced Configuration Options

Manage everything with our advanced options interface. It allows the user to control settings and choose the suitable one for the business.

QuickBooks Plan Control

Select the plan that helps your business grow when configuring QuickBooks integration. Your data will be synced depending on the plan you chose. The simple plan is for basic data, the advanced one is for all data.

Controlled Data Transfer

Control your data synchronization process. New G Solution integration enables you to pick the date you want to start data synchronization from, and get your balances very precisely.

Accounts Management

Sales, purchases, inventory items, assets, income, invoices, expenses, and taxes are some of the many categories you can use. You can list your own set of these assets and let our integration sync them to QuickBooks to stay on top of your finances.

Tracking and reports

Track your sales, invoices, stock across multiple locations, and get reports about income, payments, top-selling items and more.

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How to Integrate QuickBooks with New G Solution:

To get the best out of your integration process, and also ensure all of your data and information have been correctly transferred between New G Solutions and QuickBooks accounting, please refer to our integration guide here:

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