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MAILCHIMP Inventory Management Integration

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Mailchimp is an American company founded in 2001 and is considered a leading platform in marketing automation and one of the best and most influential email marketing services in the digital market.

Connect Mailchimp and New G Solution to get easy management of your email workflows. New G Solution integration gives you easy connections with zero coding experience.


Features of integration with MailChimp

All of your products, orders, and customers will be imported from your Shopify stores into one location, making your business fully automated.

In a few simple steps, integrate your store into our system and you will access a set of useful features, among which are:

Mailing lists management

Add new customers to a Mailchimp list automatically. New G Solution will add each new customer email to your proper mail list
providing you easy list management.

Mailing lists synchronization

Organize your customers in lists and let New G Solution sync every change that occurs on your customers’ emails, and refresh your mailing lists.

Customers and updates

Inform your customers about the most recent products you sell or the options you have updated: choose the menu, send,
and save you time and effort.

Customer experience

Keep in touch with your customers, communicate with potential ones, market products, track your profits,
and re-attract previous customers via email.

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