FEDEX Inventory Management Integration


With FedEx being the express company and global market leader in the world by innovating fast delivery, New G Solution offers an easy integration with FedEx to track the shipping process seamlessly.


Features of Integration with FedEx

New G Solution Integration with FedEx offers you full automation for the shipping process with various features:

Ship faster and easier

New G Solution provides you a friendly and easy-to-use interface to ship your orders easily and save your money and time.

FedEx Shipping Rate

You can know the estimated time and cost of shipping, as well as the details of shipping rate changes including fees, surcharges, and other factors that may affect the shipping rate.

Compare shipping types

Check all available shipping services, compare shipping rates, and get the best offer for your shipment.

Create shipping labels

Fill in your order information, add the shipment specifications, and enjoy generating labels in a flash.

Track your order easily

As soon as the system creates the tracking information, it generates a tracking number for each package so you can track your order.

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