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WAYFAIR Inventory Management Integration

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If your business is all about furniture and decor, then WayFair is the integration for you. Through the combination of our skillful system (New G Solution) and one of the most popular marketplaces (Wayfair), we create a powerful solution that caters to your business.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with Wayfair:

Inventory synchronization

New G Solution will automatically sync your inventory into the WayFair store and keep track of your products and stock levels at all times.

Management of orders

New G Solution will retrieve the orders from your WayFair account by its automated order management, process all operations, send the information back to WayFair, and auto-sync the stock level.

Product & quantity management

Add and edit listings, make new product bundles, and synchronize quantities between marketplaces.

Sync tracking numbers

New G Solution and WayFair’s integration provides everything you need to track your orders, follow up with your shipment’s tracking number, and ensure fast order fulfillment.

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Integrating with WayFair

To integrate your WayFair store, please make sure you follow the steps provided in the user guide to seamlessly be able to activate your integration and have everything up and running in no time


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