Streamline payroll processing and track employee hours efficiently
with our comprehensive time and pay management solution.most effective features include:

 Efficient Employee Time Tracking with New G Solution

Accurately tracking employee hours is crucial for productivity and payroll accuracy. New G Solution ERP software offers an advanced time tracking feature that simplifies this process. Our software seamlessly monitors and records hours worked by each employee, reducing administrative workload and ensuring compliance. Managers can view real-time data and generate customized reports, providing valuable insights into workforce efficiency. By automating time tracking, New G Solution minimizes errors and saves resources, leading to a more productive workforce.

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Streamlined Commission Calculation for Sales Reps:

Calculating sales commissions can be complex and time-consuming. New G Solution ERP software simplifies this with its powerful commission calculation feature. Our software accurately calculates commissions based on predefined rules and sales data, ensuring fair and prompt compensation. Businesses can set up various commission structures, and the software applies these rules automatically, eliminating manual errors. Detailed reports on commission earnings help motivate sales reps. New G Solution enhances transparency and trust, boosting employee satisfaction and performance.

Comprehensive Payroll Processing Made Easy

Processing payroll is a critical task requiring accuracy and efficiency. New G Solution ERP software offers a comprehensive payroll processing feature that simplifies this function. Our software integrates time tracking and salary calculations to generate accurate payroll reports. It handles all aspects, including deductions, taxes, and direct deposits, complying with the latest regulations. Businesses can also generate detailed payroll reports for auditing purposes. By automating payroll processing, New G Solution saves time, enhances accuracy, and ensures compliance, allowing businesses to focus on core activities.

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