Purchases Order

Create, automate, and control your purchase orders and track the inventory using New G Solutions’ cloud-based inventory and order management system.
Add product via barcode scanners. Simply scan and it will appear on the purchase order. Add quantity, price, discount amount, and purchase orders at a faster pace and at lower costs.


Once you receive your products on the purchase order, you can mark the order to be “Received” and create a bill that includes the supplier’s invoice number to be saved with all purchase order information. Consequently, the average cost will be recalculated for all of your products and you are able to create payments with your suppliers. Finally, you will have your stock levels automatically updated.


Serial & UPC

In few seconds, New G Solution enables you to make purchase orders with no need to remember the product’s name.

By assigning unique serial numbers for your products, or by UPC code, you can place any product in your order by entering its serial number or just scan its UPC code via a barcode scanner.

Supplier RMA

Take advantage of returned merchandise authorization management in our system which enables you to prevent further returns and detect the problems before returns occur.

Minimize the number of returns by making a supplier survey and get more information about the suppliers to decide if you should change them.