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BACK MARKET Inventory Management Integration

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New G Solution seamlessly integrates with Back Market, offering a range of services to enhance the efficiency and performance of businesses on this thriving e-commerce platform


Benefits of New G Solution integration with Back Market

Effortless Order Processing

Through our integration, Back Market sellers can experience effortless order processing, benefitting from a streamlined system that handles various order types, including sales orders, returns, and exchanges.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management ensures accurate stock levels, avoiding the risks of overselling or stockouts. New G Solution automates data synchronization, reducing manual efforts and maintaining consistency between our system and Back Market.

Advanced Order Fulfillment

The platform excels in order fulfillment efficiency, providing features like batch processing and automated picking and packing.

Simplified Shipping

With compatibility with various shipping partners, we simplify the shipping process, offering capabilities such as printing shipping labels, tracking shipments, and managing shipping costs.

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How to Integrate Back Market and New G Solution:

For a quick how-to, and a full explanation of what our system is capable of and the integration process, please refer to New G Solution guide:


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