SHIP CENTRAL Inventory Management Integration

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New G Solution proudly brings you the future of logistics excellence through our seamless integration with Ship Central.

With Ship Central’s cutting-edge fulfillment solution, renowned for its real-time data integration, order accuracy, and same-day shipping capabilities, we elevate your business to unprecedented heights.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with Ship Central:

Stock & Inventory 

New G Solution provide you with powerful inventory management enabling you track your stock levels across fulfillment centers, updating quantities and stock levels automatically.

Seamless Order Fulfillment

Through our integrated Ship Central solution, New G Solution ensures a seamless order fulfillment experience. Your inventory is securely stored in Ship Central’s advanced warehouse, ready for efficient shipping. As orders are placed in your store, they seamlessly flow into Ship Central’s fulfillment software, ensuring accurate, timely, and reliable deliveries.

Comprehensive Shipping & Logistics

Experience a new era of shipping and logistics excellence with Ship Central. Through our integration, New G Solution offers a complete shipping solution center that simplifies your global shipping needs. From domestic to international shipping, freight brokerage, LTL, FTL, and more, our collaborative approach ensures cost-effective rates and unparalleled convenience.

Global Reach, Local Efficiency

Expand your business horizons effortlessly with Ship Central’s international shipping expertise. New G Solution’s integration empowers you to venture into global markets with streamlined customs processes and timely deliveries, eliminating the complexities of international shipping.

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