BERGEN LOGISTICS Inventory Management Integration

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New G Solution offers customers a comprehensive range of integrated services. Our integration with Bergen Logistics streamlines supply chains, optimizes order fulfillment, and aims to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Benefits of New G Solution integration with Bergen Logistics:

Advanced Inventory Management

The collaboration empowers clients with advanced inventory management solutions. Accurate tracking of stock levels provides complete visibility, enabling accurate demand forecasting, timely replenishment, and proactive inventory control.

Secure Warehousing Solutions

Utilizing Bergen Logistics’ cutting-edge warehousing, New G Solution provides secure and spacious storage. The integrated approach ensures careful product handling and optimal storage conditions, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring pristine product condition upon delivery.

Order Fulfillment Excellence

New G Solution, in integration with Bergen Logistics, guarantees customer satisfaction with swift order fulfillment services. The process ensures speedy order processing, meticulous picking and packing, and on-time shipping, delivering a consistently smooth shipping experience.

Order management

We manage online orders efficiently and optimize the movement of your goods between warehouses . Our integrated solutions enables your products to reach their destination promptly ensuring quick and reliable delivery to your valued customers.

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Seamless Integration with Bergen Logistics:

Activating the integration with Bergen Logistics is a straightforward process, taking just a few minutes. The user-friendly interface guides users through setup, ensuring a smooth and seamless connection. Successful integration detailed instructions are available here:

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