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DSCO Inventory Management Integration

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New G Solution will manage your orders and inventory while DSCO will create networked supply chains to streamline the exchange of information through a single touch point to connect retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers, and allow everyone to have maximum visibility over products and stock.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with DSCO:

Order automation

Be aware of every step of the order cycle and get seamless and automated order management by New G Solution’s integration with DSCO.

Inventory update

Sync your inventory, update your stock level, and have central quantity synchronization control through New G Solution’s integration with DSCO.

Simple data exchange

Exchange your data, manage your processes for inventory, orders, product catalogs, shipments, and simplify the way retailers and suppliers connect along your supply chain using the DSCO integration.

Shipping and order fulfillment

Have full control of your shipment tracking process, provide your customers with guaranteed shipping options, and get a percentage of completed orders.

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