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LOGIVIEW Inventory Management Integration

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LogiView is a global, web-based solution focused on enhancing collaboration among different users in the extended supply chain. By fostering communication and cooperation, LogiView aims to improve overall supply chain performance for companies.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with LogiView:

Efficient Order Management

Manage orders with ease and efficiency through LogiView integration. New G Solution streamlines the order fulfillment process, from processing to packing and shipping, fostering a seamless and error-free experience for your customers

Inventory synchronization

Through our integration with LogiView, New G Solution ensures your inventory levels are seamlessly synchronized. The cloud-based inventory management solution provides accurate visibility, allowing for strategic inventory optimization.

Collaborative Supply Chain Excellence

Our integration goes beyond individual tasks, fostering collaboration within the extended supply chain. LogiView’s connectivity platform enables smooth data exchange, enhancing communication between trading partners, warehouses, and logistics operations for comprehensive supply chain excellence.

Precision Tracking of Shipments

Leverage the power of LogiView to track shipments with unparalleled precision. Our integration facilitates efficient tracking, ensuring you have complete visibility into the movement of your goods throughout the supply chain.

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Integrating with LogiView:

For an easy and seamless integration process, please refer to our user guide here:

where we explain in depth how we integrate with LogiView as well as all the features we support

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