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Neto is an Australian platform for B2B and multi-channel eCommerce. It is an all-in-one solution for POS, eCommerce, order management, inventory management, shipment labeling, and fulfillment.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with Neto:

Syncing stock levels

There’s no need to worry about low inventory thresholds because New G Solution provides you a clear visibility for your business performance and ensures automatic updates to stock levels.

Managing orders

New G Solution will retrieve the orders out of Neto and start the processing operation. New G Solution gives you the ability to create sales orders and keeps you aware of every step during the order cycle.

Multi-channel support

Manage your inventory and sales across all eCommerce platforms with a user-friendly, centralized system dedicated for multi-location and multi-channel order management.

Shipments and logistics

By integrating Neto with New G Solution, your order fulfillment process will have the ability to be tracked through its tracking numbers with a fast and cost-effective fulfillment operation.

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Integrating with Neto

For an easy and seamless integration process, please refer to our user guide here:

We explain in-depth how we integrate with Neto as well as all the features we support.

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