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OVERSTOCK Inventory Management Integration

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Effectively manage your furniture and decor business through OverStock integration with us. New G Solution’s Warehouse Management Software will keep track of your products for you, as well as manage your orders in a powerful solution that caters to your needs.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with OverStock:

Order management

As soon as your orders come in from Overstock, New G Solution automatically controls the entire workflow of orders and updates stock levels across your Overstock account.

Inventory update

No more worrying about overselling. With New G Solution’s integration with OverStock, we offer full control over your inventory while auto-synchronizing your stock levels.

Automatic tracking updates

New G Solution provides all you need to track your orders, follow up with your shipments, and automatically send them to Overstock.

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Integrating with OverStock

Please make sure you follow the steps provided in the user guide here: https://newgsolution.com/userguide/documentation/integrations-logs/cart-rover/overstock/ to activate your integration and configure your OverStock shop correctly with the New G Solution system.

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