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RAKUTEN SUPER Logistics Inventory Management Integration

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Rakuten Super Logistics is a leading order fulfillment company and a third-party logistics provider in the US. New G Solution integrates with (RSL) to provide you easy supply-chain operations.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with Rakuten Super Logistics:

Warehouse management

Stay on top of your stock with both New G Solution and Rakuten looking after your inventory, sync your stock levels, and keep track of all changes that happen to orders that are being processed.

Fulfillment process

It can be complex when it comes to keeping track of supply chain logistics. Our accurate and automated fulfillment process provides timely picking, packing, and shipping for your customers’ orders.

Report and status

Get more sales, scale your business, and evolve the way you buy through our insightful reporting services and status updates.

Customer service

Keep your customers coming back to you, again and again, and reach endless new customers with our flawless integration features.

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Rakuten Integration Process

Our user guide https://newgsolution.com/userguide/documentation/integrations-logs/cart-rover/rakuten-super-logistics/ offers a comprehensive walk-through on how to integrate and customize your Rakuten account and configuration into New G Solution, as well as the many other features that we support.

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