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RUBY HAS Inventory Management Integration

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Ruby Has is a global fulfillment platform and a hyper-growth eCommerce fulfillment provider for retailers and high-growth D2C brands that offer unlimited order volume, and true fulfillment for enterprise business.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with Ruby Has:

Shipping Automation

Process your orders with ease using Ruby Has’s integration. Our automated order handling ensures that your order is picked accurately, packed with care, shipped, and fulfilled automatically.

Same-Day Fulfillment and Shipping

Integrate with Ruby Has and gain the option to fulfill and ship the orders the same day they happen with average savings of 45% on freight costs to provide your customers with a satisfying purchasing experience.

Multi-channel Fulfillment

Automatically centralize your orders and route them over all your sales channels to be fulfilled through our integration to increase your profitability and boost your business productivity.

Order and Inventory Management

Track your inventory through New G Solution and Ruby Has as they combine forces to produce seamless control of your orders and inventory in addition to secure warehousing & storage.

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How do I integrate?

Well, simply go to our user guide here: [link] and follow the steps provided in the tutorial. Learn more about the features we support and how our integration can help your business!

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