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SHIPBOB Inventory Management Integration

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ShipBob is a tech-driven 3PL and is one of the best global logistics platforms for direct-to-consumer eCommerce order fulfillment.

Use our ShipBob integration to enhance your business and order management.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with ShipBob:

Ship all over the world

Enjoy affordable 2-day express shipping and ship your orders worldwide with fast and reliable fulfillment services and a powerful network of fulfillment centers.

Best fulfillment technology

Get your orders picked, packed, and shipped with an automated and efficient order fulfillment process to empower your business and improve your customers’ delivery experience

Control your inventory and orders

Optimize your inventory placement across ShipBob warehouses, reduce shipping costs by optimal inventory and order management, track your stock levels across fulfillment centers, and receive notifications about your orders’ statuses.

Powerful Insights

New G Solution’s integration makes your business more successful, provides you with an accurate report of all of your products, and allows you to make smarter decisions and increase profitability.

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How our ShipBob integration works

To get the best out of your integration process, and also ensure all of your data and information have been correctly processed between New G Solutions and ShipBob, please refer to our integration guide here: [link]

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