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New G Solution integrates with Shippo’s platform (the leading API for shipping) to bring the ability to process your shipments through the best carriers around the globe all at your fingertips.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with Shippo:

Manage multiple eCommerce channels

Easily sync and manage your orders across all of your sales channels on one platform with a simple and powerful dashboard.

Access to global shipping carriers

Browse through all the available carriers and pick the one that fits your needs best with the lowest possible rates. Shippo’s integration enables you to access multiple shipping carriers and create discounted shipping labels with a suitable pricing plan.

Automated shipping

Generate labels in different forms, print packing slips, and more with automated order fulfillment. Shippo enables you to save time and effort, and allows you to focus on important business decisions.

Tracking shipments

Gain instant access to the tracking numbers and give your customers up-to-date information about their shipments to keep them happy and satisfied.

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How to Integrate with Shippo

Please check this link here [link] for a full guide on how to add Shippo into your New G Solution platform, and learn more about the features we support and the functions we offer.

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