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SQUARESPACE Inventory Management Integration

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Create a fantastic website and get a store with a truly on-brand storefront. With SquareSpace, you will get a stunning eCommerce-specific features from email marketing to inventory management and abandoned cart recovery.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with SquareSpace:

Inventory synchronization

New G Solution provides you with powerful inventory management, granting you endless numbers of products to sell online and updates to quantities and stock levels automatically.

Managing orders

Get your orders from SquareSpace as they come in. New G Solution’s integration downloads your orders automatically and handles the entire process of orders, keeping them synced.

Shipping and fulfillment

Confirm your shipments right out of your warehouse, retrieve the shipment’s tracking numbers, and then send them over to SquareSpace for your customers to see where their shipments are going and when they’re arriving.

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Integrate with SquareSpace

To integrate with SquareSpace, please visit the user guide here:https://newgsolution.com/userguide/documentation/integrations-logs/cart-rover/squarespace/

Once done, you’ll be able to set the rest of the parameters to track and manage your inventory.

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