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VeraCore is a flexible software system for 3PL’s, e-retailers, and fulfillment companies to manage fulfillment operations, warehousing, and business management with a user-friendly and cost-effective solution.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with VeraCore:

Warehousing and orders

Improve your warehouse efficiency, easily manage inventory, fulfill your orders from multiple sales channels, and keep your stock & orders synced with New G Solution.

Order Fulfillment

Generate happy and loyal customers and gain a positive reputation with our order fulfillment process by providing a fast and reliable shipping operation.

Growth and Insights

Get powerful insights with New G Solution’s insightful reports & status updates and identify which products and channels are making the most profits.

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Integrating with VeraCore

For a full guide on how to add VeraCore into your New G Solution platform, please check this link here:

Use our guide to learn more about the features we support and the functions we offer.

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