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Volusion is an online store builder and one of the oldest eCommerce platforms. New G Solution integrates with Volusion to give you a terrific tool that provides cloud-based eCommerce features needed to operate your own online store.


Benefits of New G Solution’s integration with Volusion:

Advanced inventory management

Thanks to New G Solution’s integration with Volusion, make your inventory tracking simple to keep your stock levels synced through their (SKU) codes.

Shipping and payment

New G Solution’s integration with Volusion provides you a solid and flexible system in tracking your shipments. A big advantage is the ability to process a wide range of payment gateways to cover all of your customers’ needs.

Solid order management and fulfillment

New G Solution’s integration will import all of your orders as they are placed to keep them synced, and inform you about every change of the order status along the way.

Customer support

Reach endless new customers and develop better relationships with your customers through 24/7 Volusion customer support.

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Integrating with Volusion

For an easy and seamless integration process, please refer to our user guide here:


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